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Make sure your family is taken care of after you’re gone

Wills • Inheritance Planning • Guardianship for Minor Children • Disability Planning • Real Estate
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Make it easier for your family to inherit the legacy you’ve worked hard to build for them.

Estate planning attorney Montana and Wyoming

Minimize Family Disagreements

Make sure what you want to happen does and minimize the potential for family fights over your money, real estate, and possessions.

Inheritance planning attorney Montana and Wyoming

Decide Who Will Take Care of Your Kids

Direct who you’d like to take care of your minor children – without one, the court will decide between family members or a state-appointed guardian.

Real estate attorney Montana and Wyoming

Make Gifts & Lower Estate Taxes

Make your legacy live on through gifts and donations and determine how your estate will be handled so your heirs pay minimal estate taxes.

How We Help You

Estate Planning Lawyer Montana and Wyoming

Free Initial Evaluation

We’ll listen to you and determine how your estate needs to be dealt with.

Real Estate lawyer Montana and Wyoming

Make a Plan

We’ll help you create an estate plan that meets your needs and fulfills your vision.

Inheritance lawyer Montana and Wyoming

Rest Easy

Knowing your family will be taken care of.

Why Vincent Davey Law?

You want to know what will happen to your money, real estate, possessions, and your loved ones after you’re gone.

You have an idea of how you want everything to be handled – and if you’re a parent, who you want your kids to live with – and you want to make sure that happens.

Still, you have lots of questions about how to handle your estate for the best tax outcome for your heirs. Not to mention, getting a will done seems like it will be a long, expensive process.

We understand how overwhelming all of that feels.


Avoid uncertainty for your loved ones.

Get help properly planning your estate, so you can stop worrying about what will happen after you’re gone.

Other Specialties

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